Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photos of the Week

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I love sharing my passions with you; family, photography, health, nature, and art. 

This blog post is titled "Photos of the Week", but it is more like "Photos of the Month". I have decided that posting once a week is too much for me right now, especially with the little ones. Being Mom is a lot of work. And of course, a lot of joy. I will still try to post as often as I can.

Well, summer is here. It has been a really pleasant summer. Very mild. Just perfect. We take a lot of long walks as the sun is setting. Exploring the neighborhoods in our new city. It is beautiful here. There is a plethora of trees, flowers, and fruit trees. I keep seeing glimpses of what it was like in the Garden of Eden. It has been on my mind so much. What was it like? To be one with nature when it was so pure. And to be one with God. The majesty of the garden and the euphoria of the fruit. The sounds of the birds and the soil beneath their feet. Friendship with the animals. Listening to the song of the earth. Wow, I can only imagine. I want to recreate that somehow in our modern world. The simplicity. The perfection. Anyway, yes summer has been nice. Trying to make the most of it, before it is here and gone. 

Peace. Love. Joy.

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  1. Dear Lisa and Jonathan,
    I've just enjoyed looking at the lovely photographs on your, "Light of Lorraine" blogspot. Your daughters are beautiful and photographs are creative and a pleasure to view! Regarding the trials and tribulations:
    We sometimes face difficulties and hardships that no one else can truly understand, yet these challenges humble us, so that this speck we call 'I' will one day merge into the ocean of love that is God., and like fire, these gut wrenching events purify the gold that is our soul. There is purpose in these trials, the reward in the future will be worth it all. Thank you for sharing your art for all to appreciate.! With love, Kathryn N. Burlingame, CA.