Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Thoughts on Leaving Northern California

My family and I will be moving in 3 weeks. We will be leaving Northern California for sunny Southern California. Our home is located in a suburb right outside of LA. We made the decision to be closer to family and friends. Even  though I am super excited about our new journey ahead, part of my heart cries to leave the kiss of nature I have known here. I wrote a little "poem" about how I felt.
The rivers, streams, views, mountain peaks
Have grown my soul
They have cradled me like a child
They have deposited a treasure in my heart
That no man can take
I have felt the song of ancient trees
Gazed on the sunlit river of glitter
Stood in it's cold pure living flow
I have been a child in wonder
Part of me never wants to leave
But I know sometimes you have to
Let the good go 
For the possibility of the better 
Or even the different
Change is healthy
Keeps your veins pumping
And your waterways clean
Keeps your mind fresh
I know one day I will be reunited
With my lover
To taste her beauty again
To sit in the shade of her delight
To fall asleep on her mossy bed
As birds chirp, sun breaks
Through in rows of warmth
Her melody whispers me to sleep
This is not goodbye forever
Thank you for all you have given me

Thank you for reading my blog. Much love.    


  1. I have just come across your blog. It's really beautiful. I love how you string together your words and raw photographs. -jess